New feature "my kwout" has been released!

Today we released a new feature called "my kwout".

"my kwout" is a collection of the sources that you quoted via kwout. With "my kwout", you can share with your friends what you are/were interested in. You can also use it as like your online bookmarks.

And, of course, "my kwout" is just a first step. In coming months, we will release new features periodically, and most of them will be the solutions to this entry (especially 1 and 4).


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Kwout is a fantastic tool, thank you so much.

I have a problem that maybe you can help fix.

When I grab certain websites, it grabs a version of the website in Chinese or another non-english language. I have tried selecting English before doing the screen grab, but the same thing happens.

Hope you can help!

webmaster said...

Thank you for your feedback.

We confirmed the problem. Certain websites, like Google and http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/ , change language based on information given by a web-browser. Because the information of our backend browsers has been fixed to Japanese and English, sometimes kwout has grabbed Japanese version of a website.

Now we updated our backend browsers to be more flexible. The browsers copy the information from a user's browser at every request and use it while grabbing. So if your browser's default language is English, English version of a website should be grabbed.

Please try it out, and let us know if it doesn't help.