This month's plan

We are currently developing the next version of kwout which has a lot of new features.

We do not decide yet whether we release the new features all at once or step by step. But anyway, you will certainly be able to play with a part of them in this month, and we strongly believe it will provide much more fun!

So please wait for a while, and for the time being, please enjoy quoting with the current version of kwout.


TWIN said...

Bookmarklet link doesn't work.

webmaster said...


The bookmarklet link needs to be installed to your browser's toolbar. Otherwise it won't work.

Kathleen Johnson said...

can't get bookmarklet to install into the browser toolbar.

webmaster said...


Could you let us know what browser you are using?

If you are using Safari, please drag and drop one of the bookmarklet
links into your bookmarklet bar, then press the link in the bar.