Direction for the next version of kwout

For these 3 days, we have read many many blogs that comment on kwout. And, we have determined the direction.

  1. Improving a grabbing speed, stability and robustness. (We implemented our system so that it can be scaled relatively easy.)

  2. Improving usability, especially a resize feature and a mouse drag feature.

  3. Improving indexability. (One possibility is that some meta data will be added to an embed code, so that search engines can more easily index contents of kwout.)

  4. Expanding availability. (Email, PowerPoint, Vbulletin Boards, Social Networks, etc.)

  5. Fixing defects.

Any others? If you have any ideas, please let us know. Any feedbacks are welcome!


TechCrunch!  lifehacker!

Thank you very much for the post about "kwout"!

Kwout, A Simple Quote Tool For Bloggers
"Quote" the Web with Screenshots from Kwout

Any comments on their posts are feedbacks to kwout. We are currently working to make it more stable, faster and more useful (ex. improving a resize feature), and to incorporate your feedbacks.

We will announce any improvements about kwout via this blog. So if you are interested in it, please subscribe to our feed.


We support you

If you have any questions, requests, or comments to "kwout", please write a comment in or tackback to this post. We hear you, and will work as fast as we can. (Please check out this entry before positing an enhancement request.)

12/30/2007: Now we have a forum. You can use it also.

"kwout" has launched

We are pleased to announce that "kwout" has been launched today.

"kwout" is a totally new way to quote a part of a web page, and we will continuously improve it so that everyone can enjoy blogging using "kwout".


Coming Soon

We will launch a new web service by the end of this month.
Hopefully it will help to make your blogging life more comfortable.