kwout will support Twitter more strongly!

From today, your tweets to a quotation will be displayed in kwout.com like this.

To post your quotation to Twitter, please select Twitter from the combo box in the "Post" section, and click "Open your Twitter to post this". Enjoy!


kwout has been largely updated!

1. Google Buzz and LiveJournal Support

Now you can post your quotation to Google Buzz and LiveJournal directly!

2. Easy Signin

To view your history of quotations, now you can sign in to kwout just by clicking each service's icon such as Yahoo! and Google.

3. XPath API and Referer API

You can see a documentation of APIs here. In summary, XPath API enables to quote a part of a web page by specifying its XPath, and Referer API enables to get a list of web pages that quote your web page via kwout. We believe these two APIs are useful when you wish to integrate kwout with your blog or web site seamlessly. (We will offer a more powerful set of APIs in this summer.)

4. NoScript Support

By using our Firefox add-on, now you can quote a part of a web page even if you are using NoScript (JavaScript Off).

5. iPad Support

iKwout started to support iPad, that is, now you can quote a part of a web page easily and quickly on iPad. This is, however, a beta feature. If you find any bugs, please report to us. We will fix them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us! Enjoy!