iKwout (kwout for iPhone/iPod touch) has been released!

Today, we released "iKwout" (kwout for iPhone/iPod touch). To use "iKwout", please go to http://kwout.com/ by iPhone or iPod touch. By using "iKwout", you can quote a part of a web page quickly on iPhone/iPod touch.

How to Use

1. Click "iKwout" bookmarklet

On a web page, click "iKwout" bookmarklet of "Bookmarks" menu.

2. Tap an area you wish to quote

On the web page, tap an area you wish to quote.

3. Click "Quote" button

After tapping an area, please click "Quote" button.

4. Post to web services

You can post the quotation (the tapped area) directly to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and so on.

To post it to Twitter, however, you need to change its view to "Standard".

Also, all your quotations will be logged to your "history" page. You can browse and manage them at any time.

"iKwout" is still a beta version. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us! We will make it faster and more comfortable.

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