Firefox add-on has been released!

Today we released a Firefox add-on "kwout".

By using this add-on, you can cut out any page at any time, including private pages (such as SNS) and flash pages. Even while playing a movie on YouTube, you can cut out a scene of the movie.

In the next month, we will expand the availability of "kwout" more. You will be able to post a quotation to some new spaces.


鎌倉太郎 said...





webmaster said...


Thank you for your feedback! We will treat your feedback as a candidate for next new features.

Baldr said...

Kwout is great, but I had problems to use it with Firefox 3. I have not installed Firefox on one of my computers just to use the integrated version of Kwout. Is there going to be an update?

webmaster said...

Hi Baldr,
thank you for your comment.

Could you check version of the add-on on your Firefox 3?
Latest version of "kwout on Firefox" is and it should work with Firefox 3.

If your installed add-on is older than this one, please reinstall it from http://kwout.com/help/addon .
Certain old version of the add-on had a problem with automatic updates. So, it may not update automatically.

If you have installed the latest version and it doesn't work, please let us know the problem and your environment (OS and other add-ons).

Anonymous said...

hi all, kwout extension for Firefox 3 (latest version doesn't work :( Hope there is another update, because I really love this tool.
Thanks. Anna.

webmaster said...

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your report. We fixed the problem. Would you please update the extension and try it again?