kwout has been largely updated!

1. Video Comment Support

Now you can add a video comment to your quotation, and post them together to your web site. Although this feature requires a microphone and a web camera, if they are available please try it out!

2. Greasemonkey Support

A user script for greasemonkey, called "kwout.user.js", is now available! This user script adds "kwout this! button" to a web page you are viewing. And when you click the button, the corresponding part of the web page will be quoted automatically without your selection. (No need to drag!)

If you install the user script, for instance, "kwout this! button" will be added to each status of Twitter. And when you click the button, the corresponding status will be quoted automatically.

3. Tumblr Support (Context Sensitive Kwout)

Now "context sensitive kwout" supports Tumblr. This means, now you can quickly quote an entry of Tumblr and post it to outside of Tumblr.

4. FriendFeed Support

Now you can post your quotation to FriendFeed directly!

5. Pixlr Support

Now you can add annotation to your quotation using Pixlr.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us!

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